Why Bilteks?

While ensuring a production with the latest technology and high quality standards, we follow the latest developments in our industry to keep developing.


As Bilteks Corap is our Mission: By tracking the latest developments in our industry, we offer our customers the highest possible quality in the shortest possible time. To always uphold the respect of the environment and people. Production according to the European Social Standards.


In addition to maintaining the trust of our clients, Bilteks Corap has the vision of building our client portfolio.


Bilteks About US

Our Company is founded in 1989 by Mr. Dursun Bilgin, and Ali Bilgin and Fatih Bilgin had taken over the management as the second generation. In order to realize our vision of one of Europe's best hosiery manufacturers, our investments in state-of-the-art machinery such as Lonati SbyS continue and we have been able to increase our monthly production to up to 2 million pairs of socks. Our production site is located in Kırklareli, while our headquarters in Istanbul organizes export to countries such as England, France and, of course, Germany.


Basic Socks

These Socks can be used on double or in-cylinder machines, with different yarn qualities such as z. Cotton, Wool, Polyacryl, Modal or Combed Cotton.

Technical Socks

Technical or otherwise known as functional socks are produced in our production on state of the art machines with up to 200 needles. Yarn grades such as Coreyarn, Isolfill, Isolwool, X-Static, Thermolite, Thermocool, Lempour, Supplex, Coolmax, Coolmax Fresh FX, Seacell, Schurwool, Modal, Polyprophylene, Miyabi, GOTS, CmiA can be used.


Tights can be used on single-cylinder machines, with different yarn qualities such as z. Cotton, Wool, Polyacrylic, Modal or Combed Cotton, made in plush (terry).



Our production takes place on the latest Lonati SbyS machines from 108 needles to 200 needles stat, and has a monthly capacity of 2 000 000 pairs.

Toe Closing

Depending on the wishes of our customers, we can produce models with Rosso or Handknitted.


As Biltek's Corap, we can meet the needs of our customers such as Antibacterial Washes (Aegis, Sanitized, Purista) in our own facility.

Ironing and Boarding

In order to increase the production quality, we own automatic machines ironing our goods by steam treatment.

Quality Control

In order to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, our production is checked for different quality criteria before each delivery. Only after the existence of our in-house control the goods are given free for delivery.



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